Meet the Photographers

We met about 25 years ago and have been traveling and photographing the countryside. Our travels have taken us through the western half of the USA, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Together, we have amassed quite a collection of nature and wildlife photographs. 

About Steve:

Over the past four to five decades, I have been able to travel throughout most of the western states and Canada with the sole purpose of photographing nature and wildlife with my camera gear.

About Sandy:

As a native Oregonian, I grew up loving the great outdoor environment.  I enjoyed learning about and recognizing the value of the natural environment in the various countries that I traveled in.  As a child, nature photography became a way for me to express my appreciation of the world around me using my little Brownie camera.  My camera equipment has advanced to a modern digital camera and tripod.

Now that we are both retired, we are realizing our dreams of sharing our photography passion with everyone.  Our collection includes high aspect panoramic photos (8 to 1 ratio max. to date), along with standard size photos.  We have most western big animals as well as some exotic cats, and scenes of the great outdoors.

Each photo is a signed and numbered limited edition print with UV protection, and with a custom, handcrafted wood frame.


County Fair Awards:

7 Blue Ribbons – First Place
1 Red Ribbon – Second Place
3 White Ribbons – Third Place